Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first try at videos... building a story.

So this is an experiment in building a story for Marketing reasons.

One of the common problems I find when I address students is a general misunderstanding on who and what Texas Instruments (the company I work for) does.
So I set out to make a presentation that would address that.

 I am reaching beyond the normal audience that our Marketing Communications normally goes for and this type of messaging may not be of value to the core customer base. After all, it is very simplistic, but it's end goal (in my opinion) is to establish a baseline.

I wanted to try creating this type of presentation on my own for two reasons.

  •  I could tweak and test it without costing thousands of valuable Marketing Communications budget/time and 
  • To test if I was able to build a compelling TI story on my own.

So, this video/presentation came into existence.

Here are just some of my thoughts:
-It's better to go simple rather than complex. It's easy to get into the complex details quickly. Rather than having to stop the momentum of the message and have to backfill.

- It's far better to show versus tell. Using photos and animations to enhance your message.

-Timing is critical in trying to get this to read like a conversation. However, I think I needed to figure out Keynote's timing a little better ... seems a little fast when looking at the video.

-I attempted to appeal to the broader cause... what is our company all about?  I think a lot of times people underestimate the desire to have a cause bigger than themselves to align to. This was the message I was grasping for.
 I call this message the "Tell Grandma what you do" appeal. I come from a family of non-technical educators, so to get them to understand that Texas Instruments is actually NOT a calculator company... is really a stretch. However, they understand materials, understand inventing... and if I give them the broader cause... their imagination will fill it in.

So, here's the first of the three videos. I will post the others as I finish and get them fine tuned.
I'd love to get comments on it (if anyone is reading).

Side Note* This is the first time I used Apple KeyNote to make a presentation. 
I have to say that Apple did a really good job in making it pretty intuitive in how easy it is to make videos.

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