Saturday, August 11, 2012

What I really think when I see an Error Code in Code Composer Studio

I have another blog where I like to post little short digestible tid-bits I find when I'm trouble shooting or dealing with documentation with my tools or students.

At the time of posting that one, I had to restrain myself from putting my translations next to each of these.

However, in this post I've put my thoughts in. (Perhaps because I'm hoping I'm not the only person who feels this way and am looking for the Code Composer equivalent to a Gym-Buddy).

 My inner voice is typed in green. 

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TITLE: Code Composer Studio V5 Error Codes
Not sure anyone else is like this but I hate it when I get an error code in debug/run and can't figure out what it means. This possibly could be helpful. Really, it's a nice sigh of relief if I manage to do a compile without a million errors called out. Almost as if Code Composer is giving me a little shout out, "Yay, you actually know what the heck you are doing.".
Embedded in the MSP430 C/C++ Compiler guide there is a chart. Not sure why this was so hard to find, but it's there on page 36 in document 

  • fatal error indicates a problem so severe that the compilation cannot continue. Examples of such problems include command-line errors, internal errors, and missing include files. If multiple source files are being compiled, any source files after the current one will not be compiled.   I am a  moron and I forgot to copy a big chunk of the header file or probably mis-typed the include files...
  • An error indicates a violation of the syntax or semantic rules of the C/C++ language. Compilation continues, but object code is not generated.  I cannot type and possibly suffer from a form of typing dyslexia. 
  • warning indicates something that is valid but questionable. Compilation continues and object code is generated (if no errors are detected).  That Rockstar feeling when I get a clean run... a little diminished. Almost like winning a beauty contest but only because the competition was disqualified and you were the only contestant. Hey, most times I'll take it though. The minimum would not be the minimum if it was not acceptable to ... well the compiler, but that means I have no breathing room for any errors. 
  • remark is less serious than a warning. It indicates something that is valid and probably intended, but may need to be checked. Compilation continues and object code is generated (if no errors are detected). By default, remarks are not issued. Use the --issue_remarks compiler option to enable remarks.  I am glad these are suppressed. I already have the in-line editor that gives me enough grief... not sure how I would feel about additional error flags in the debug window...

    Typical *sigh*

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